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Yves Nager is a renowned author, transformational healer, workshop facilitator, and world-class mapper, orienteerer, and explorer. Yves Nager hired WyzGuy Consulting to design and develop a new brand identity and website YvesNager.com to coincide with and support the launch of his international best-selling book “Hawaiian Rebirth.” YvesNager.com also had to be a multilingual site supporting both English and German.

The YvesNager.com website is a personal brand-identity website built on WordPress with a mobile-friendly responsive design. It offers a very detailed understanding of Yves Nager’s background as a teacher, facilitator, and transformational healer. It is also a multilingual site that employs WPML to present the German secondary language content. The scope of this project was immense, encompassing over 160,000 words of content across 100+ pages, posts, and other items. WyzGuy Consulting managed the creation of the client’s new brand identity, website design & development, and project managed the content translations.

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WyzGuy Consulting is a full-service brand strategy, design, and internet marketing consultancy. We collaborate with you in a high-touch relational design experience where you will feel lead the entire way. The result will have you feel deeply satisfied that your Soul’s Essence is fully expressed as we guide you in transforming your business, branding, marketing, and life.

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