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Marcia Wieder & Dream University®

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WyzGuy Consulting collaborated with Marcia Wieder on a Business & Marketing Strategy to support a period of rapid growth for Dream University®. WyzGuy created and implemented a series of Marketing and Sales Campaigns to support this business growth as well as Brand Strategy & Design to help with her mission to guide clients in making their dreams come true.

The result was an immediate spike in sales volume and gross revenues. In less than two years, yearly revenues had more than doubled to well over $2M, and customer volume had easily quadrupled. Per event revenues that were in the mid-five figures started consistently hitting six figures, then multiple six figures. Dream University® matured into a sustainable period of profitability, which continued until around 2017 when Marcia Wieder entered into semi-retirement and followed her dream to live in Europe.

Summary of goals and accomplishments:

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