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WyzGuy Consulting guides transformational leaders to greater impact and success using bold yet elegant branding & marketing to attract more clients and transform more lives.

Your Solution to Transform More Lives

WyzGuy Consulting is a full-service brand strategy, design, and internet marketing consultancy that serves transformational leaders. We collaborate with you in a Soul’s Purpose based, high-touch relational design experience where you will feel lead the entire way. The result will leave you deeply satisfied your Soul’s Essence is fully expressed in a thriving practice as we guide you in transforming your business, branding, marketing, and life.
Personally, I (Patrick Wyzorski) have been involved in the realm of transformational consciousness for two decades. Professionally, I’ve been working with technology for multiple decades, and the last decade of that arc has been supporting and guiding transformational leaders. To you, this means that not only am I a quality resource in the realm of Internet Marketing and Technology but I also deeply respect your practice, know your business and speak your language.

WyzGuy Consulting is committed to guiding you to market more boldly, attract more clients, and transform more lives leading to greater impact and success as transformational leader. We both respect and are completely aligned with your values to make the world a better place. WyzGuy also supports your desire to develop and offer programs and services that are a clear reflection of your soul’s purpose, as well as aligned with your business goals and objectives.

At the core of our consultancy is an offering called Soul-Based Brand Identity. With this service, we guide you in getting clear about your soul’s purpose, answering the questions, “why are you here?” and “what is yours to do?” We then create a high-end brand identity based on your purpose-based essence, followed by a business model, marketing plan, platform, and website. With this service offering, WyzGuy can deliver a dream-come-true business and a new outlook on life.

Examples of WyzGuy Consulting’s Commitment to the Business of Transformational Leadership:

  • university Created with Sketch. Nine years of marketing and operations experience with a highly successful business dedicated to personal and professional transformation.
  • globe-share Created with Sketch. Over 100,000 lives impacted and over 12,000 live event participants registered.
  • money-give Created with Sketch. Over $12M in client revenue created in the realm of personal and professional transformation.

Do More of What You Love

  • hand-take-love Created with Sketch. Transforming lives and designing creative ways to transform even more lives, becoming a more powerful transformational leader.
  • globe-share Created with Sketch. Feeling completely supported by a competent and creative marketing and technology team that totally gets you, believes in your mission, and empowers you to bring more of your authentic self to the world.
  • sun Created with Sketch. Stepping more fully into expressing your soul's purpose with greater ease, prosperity and fulfillment.

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