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WyzGuy professional services guides transformational leaders to success with expertise in business & marketing strategy, branding & design, website development, and marketing & sales campaigns.

Business & Marketing Strategy

What’s Your Plan? What is your plan for running a business dedicated to transformation that will generate enough revenue to stay in business and afford you a good living? What products and services will you offer that feed your passion for transforming people’s lives and making the world a better place? These questions are essential and get addressed in your overall Business Strategy.

WyzGuy Consulting | Business & Marketing Strategy​

Who are the ideal clients that seek your particular flavor of transformation? Where are they, and how do we reach them? A Marketing Plan will address these questions and more, as part of an overall Business & Marketing Strategy designed to support the health and wellbeing of your transformational business.

3 Consequences When You Don't Have a Plan

Your Business Outcomes Aren't Clear

How and when your transformational business intends to generate revenue isn’t clear. You have no idea how your monthly expenses will be covered, and you spend too much time in survival.

You Feel Confused and Out of Control

When you’re consumed with how your business intends to create revenue, you’re not having the purposeful impact on clients your soul longs for. This confusion will have you feel out of control, dampen your impact, and limit your success.

Injustice Wins

Those clients whose lives could be transformed by your clear and present leadership do not get helped. This situation is untenable and wrong. A lesser world is measured by every person not impacted by your leadership.

End the Confusion Caused by a Lack of Planning

The Solution, WyzGuy Professional Services

WyzGuy Consulting cares deeply about guiding you to clarity around your soul’s purpose and your soul-based business’s success. Our Business & Marketing Strategy professional services involve exploring and defining a realistic and clear plan for how your transformational business will generate revenue with products and services that both inspire you and change people’s lives

WyzGuy Consulting | Business & Marketing Strategy​

Want to know the good news? We employ a comprehensive and process-oriented approach to support you in conjunction with our Brand Strategy & Design, Soul-Based Brand Identity, Website Design & Development, and Marketing & Sales Campaign professional services.

Transform Your Business to Change More Lives

The WyzGuy Solution Is Easy​​

Brand Strategy & Design

Branding is not just a logo, picking out colors, getting the font right, or building a pretty website. Branding is your customers gut feeling about your products, services and company. This gut feeling response happens in seconds and the impact can last forever. Branding Strategy & Design is the subtle art of managing that very important first impression.

WyzGuy Consulting | Brand Strategy & Design​

Branding is attracting the “right clients” to your marketing platform and engaging them until they take that “next step” with you. A well-designed Brand Strategy creates an empathy map between your platform and your ideal client’s emotions. A Soul-Based Brand Identity conveys the essence of your soul’s purpose while still aligned with marketing best practices. Finally, an exceptional brand presentation gives high-value clients the impression that you’re a valuable resource with the skill and capacity to guide their transformation.

3 Consequences of Inelegant Branding & Design

Clients Get Turned off, Go Somewhere Else

Visitors to your website or social media platform get confused or even turned off by your branding. This reaction happens in seconds and you’ve lost an important opportunity to make a good first impression.

You Feel a Sense of Emptiness and Loss

Those ideal clients that could be having their lives transformed by you aren’t. If you’re not changing people’s lives or enough lives you’re not living on purpose, and you will experience that as a sense of emptiness or loss.

Injustice Wins, Again

Those clients whose lives could be profoundly transformed by your skill and practice go unchanged, and this outcome is deeply tragic. A lesser world is created by those not positively impacted by your leadership.

End the Injustice Created by Inelegant Branding

The WyzGuy Solution

WyzGuy works with transformational leadership clients, like yourself, to design a deeply personal yet professionally crafted brand strategy. We accomplish this using a highly-relational and systemic process to create purposeful and polished branding across your entire marketing platform.

WyzGuy Consulting | Brand Strategy & Design​

Our journey often begins at the level of your soul’s essence, which contains the visual identity aspects of your brand as it relates to your purpose. We then combine industry accepted professional processes to achieve a polished product that is designed to impress your ideal clients.

Transform Your Branding to Impress More Clients

The WyzGuy Solution Is Easy​​

Website Design & Development

Most visitors to your website will spend 3 to 5 seconds performing a cursory examination before quickly moving on. This critical aspect of your marketing platform must convince clients to take the “next step” with you, and that step must be clear and quickly defined. This clarity of flow is fundamental to great website design and critical to the success of your mission to transform lives

WyzGuy Consulting | Professional Services for Transformational Leaders

Your website is the first and often last impression that most clients will have of your business. Visitors are seeking an authentic expression of your transformational practice and how it can change their lives. Great website design will deliver this promise directly in clear language that compels a potential client to take the “next step” now, or explore deeper and take that step later.

3 Consequences of Poor Website Design

Clients Come and then Quickly Leave Dissatisfied

When potential clients come to your website with its unclear direction, muddled messaging, and inauthentic or inelegant branding, they get confused, which they hate, so they quickly leave and do so with a poor opinion about your business.

You Feel Frustrated and Uncertain

These ideal clients are not signing up to take the “next step” with you and your practice. The money you spend on marketing is going to waste. You start to doubt your mission, your purpose, and if you’re even doing the right thing.

Suffering and Tragedy Occurs

Clients that could otherwise be convinced to take the “next step” in transforming their lives leave even more confused and filled with doubt. This outcome is deeply tragic as it only serves to create more suffering in the world.

End the Suffering Created by Poor Website Design

The WyzGuy Solution

WyzGuy’s professional services works with transformational leadership clients, like yourself, to create a clear and compelling website designed to compel ideal clients to take their “next step” in transforming their lives with your practice. We also strive to create a site that is a clear and beautiful reflection of your soul’s essence as well as a platform you’re inspired to contribute towards and proud to promote to clients.

WyzGuy Consulting | Website Design & Development​

Technologically, WyzGuy performs Website Design and Development in alignment with the following industry-accepted best practices: fast load times, responsive and mobile-ready, SEO savvy, best of class Content Management System (CMS), conversion-optimized opt-ins, social media integration, and strong security. We are also primarily a WordPress developer.

Marketing & Sales Campaigns

Promoting your platform, products, and services is a critical step to transforming lives and creating a better world. Not only will your platform convince and convert the visitors that arrive, but we must also take an active role using Marketing Campaigns to drive even more traffic.

WyzGuy Consulting | Marketing & Sales Campaigns

Once a site visitor is convinced to take the “next step” to opt-in to your platform, they will naturally want to become paying clients. Everyone wants transformation, and the clients arriving at your door are seeking your particular flavor. We get to do real work using Sales Campaigns to convert prospects to purchase your products and services. Remember, a significantly better world gets created when more clients hire you to guide them in transforming their lives.

3 Consequences of Not Campaigning Well

Ideal Clients Never Learn about You

Prospective clients, otherwise ideal for your practice, never learn about your work, never hear your message, or come into contact with your platform. They also never buy your products or services that would help them transform their lives.

You Feel Unseen and Unheard

The ideal clients that would otherwise come to you for their transformation and healing don’t. As a result, you go unseen, unheard, and underutilized as a transformational leader.

Lives are Not Being Transformed

Great clients that would otherwise opt-in to your platform and purchase your products and services to transform their lives do none of the above. Your leadership does not impact their lives, and a lesser world is the result.

Change More Lives by Campaigning Better

The WyzGuy Solution

WyzGuy Consulting collaborates with transformational leadership clients, like yourself, to create and roll out Marketing Campaigns with a compelling narrative that will introduce your messaging and platform to new visitors. We accomplish this using a variety of professional services such as content marketing, joint ventures, paid ads, and freemium content to reach ideal client-prospects in your target demographic.

WyzGuy Consulting | Marketing & Sales Campaigns

Once a client-prospect has opted onto your platform they’ll get put into an out-bound automated nurturing campaign followed by a Sales Campaign. The nature of these campaigns depend on the outcomes defined in your Business & Marketing Strategy. WyzGuy Consulting is also proficient with email marketing systems, such as Infusionsoft/Keap and ActiveCampaign.

Soul-Based Brand Identity™

For many transformational leaders, the notion of a Soul’s Purpose and a Purpose-Based Mission are familiar topics. A Soul’s Purpose based business represents a call to a higher calling, a more profound message, as well as an inspiring and deeply meaningful vocation. As a transformational leader yourself, I’m sure you’re able to articulate your purpose and how your business is aligned.

WyzGuy Consulting | Professional Services for Transformational Leaders

However, what if you’re not clear about your Soul’s Purpose or how your business is aligned. What if your branding and marketing aren’t in integrity with the clearest articulation of your Purpose-Based Mission. The benefits of a Purpose-Based Business coupled with alignment with your branding & marketing are immense in terms of clear direction, authentic passion, and team cohesion. The loss of those benefits could be what’s holding you back from a dream-come-true transformational business and life.

3 Consequences of Not Being On Purpose

Your Business Fails to Launch or Sustain

Your transformational business doesn’t seem to quite get off the ground or requires tremendous amounts of energy to keep it going. It feels like something is missing, and you can’t quite name what that something missing is.

You Feel Uninspired and Unmotivated

The lack of real purpose in your transformational business creates an existential vacuum in your life. You feel disengaged from your platform, your team is uninspired, and customers are like-wise not engaging.

The World Becomes a Lesser Place

Your ideal clients are not experiencing real transformation in their lives, and as a result, the world becomes a lesser place filled with more unhappiness and more considerable angst.

Stop The World From Degenerating, Be On Purpose

The WyzGuy Solution

The WyzGuy Consulting Soul-Based Brand Identity™ professional services offering takes place in two phases. In the first phase, we attain clarity about your purpose, seeking answers to the questions, “why are you here?” and “what is yours to do?” We engage directly or indirectly with your soul using a proven method for this critical exploration. The result of this exploration then becomes the foundation for transforming your business and life.

Next, is the creation of a business plan, brand identity, and marking strategy based upon your clear articulate of your Soul’s Purpose. WyzGuy manages this phase all the way to the design and development of a new website, complete with marketing and sales campaigns to roll out your new Soul-Based Business. This is an end-to-end deliverable where you end up with a completely new dream-come-true transformational business and life.

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