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For over eight years, Patrick Wyzorski and WyzGuy Consulting have passionately helped clients impact tens of thousands of customers lives and generate millions of dollars in revenue. Using an expertise in WordPress development, marketing/sales automation, Infusionsoft and social media, combined with the core principles of leadership, integrity, innovation and passion, WyzGuy has enabled clients to make the world a better place.

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About Patrick Wyzorski

Event Campaigns – My Passion2017-12-25T11:54:26-08:00

Event Campaigns are marketing strategies intended to fill live events, and they are a specialty of mine at WyzGuy Consulting. I’ve worked on over 40 major event campaigns in the past 7 years, and every one of them has been very successful. The last such campaign I worked my team filled a room with over 600 live participants and thousands more on Livestream for a weekend workshop where the principal grossed over $2.5M in sales. That conference was also partially filled by a feeder event, where I filled a room with over 200 participants in a campaign that took less than 30 days from start to finish. I’ve assembled and managed call teams that were responsible for guest ticket campaigns on events where the RSVP-to-attend rate was over 95%. I’ve used social media to great success to both fill and generate massive positive “buzz” for a workshop that again hit that 95%+ show-up rate. I really enjoy working on event campaigns, filling workshops and passionately evangelizing my clients message out to their audience. WyzGuy is available to either consult on or outright manage your next campaign.

Link to a Facebook Event Page Showing How to Effectively Use Social Media to Fill an Event

Portfolio - Event Campaign - Marcia Wieder & Dream University Wealthy Visionary 2013
Advanced Internet Technologist2017-12-25T12:57:03-08:00

I obtained my Bachelor’s of Science degree in Computer Science back in 1991 and have worked in the computer software industry for over 25 years. The bulk of that experience has been in the realm of automation, programming, information technology (IT) and quality assurance, with the past 7 years spent in marketing and sales automation. Over my career span I’ve worked with a variety of technological platforms, from embedded systems and microprocessors to large virtual server farms and, more recently, Internet-based technology. I’ve coded in a variety of programming languages, I write my own WordPress plug-ins and applications, and often develop custom innovative solutions to solve the most challenging customer problems.

If you’re considering WyzGuy Consulting, know that technologically you’ll be in good hands.

Infusionsoft Certified Consultant2017-12-25T11:49:19-08:00

I’ve been working with Infusionsoft since 2010 and I’ve been a Certified Consultant for almost that long. During the past 7 years, I’ve helped my clients impact tens of thousands of customers and generate millions of dollars in revenue using the Infusionsoft platform. I’ve effectively managed the marketing, sales and operations of a multi-million-dollar personal development company with a full-time staff of just one person and a couple of consultants utilizing the campaign automation, follow-up sequences, smart segmentation, online sales and reporting of Infusionsoft.

I know Infusionsoft inside and out, and I can help your small business run more effectively and profitably by putting my experience to work for you.

WyzGuy Consulting Professional Services and Expertise

WordPress, Landing Page, Application Design & Development2017-12-25T10:58:29-08:00

WyzGuy Consulting takes pride in developing cutting edge, responsive websites that not only beautifully reflect the customer’s brand image, but are also designed to convert using clear call-to-action pathways. WyzGuy has created websites, landing pages and web applications for a wide range of businesses and events, including fulfilling on multiple events with 600+ live participants and thousands more on Livestream, as well as a number of six-figure and seven-figure campaigns. WyzGuy’s website hosting solutions are also secure, monitored and backed up, all in accordance with industry best practices. We’re known for our on-time delivery and responsiveness, taking care to fix any issues as soon as they arise.

When it comes to keeping promises to clients about website development and event campaigns, integrity matters at WyzGuy Consulting.

Marketing & Sales Funnels, Business Operations Automation2017-12-27T09:56:30-08:00

The Principal of WyzGuy Consulting, Patrick Wyzorski, brings over 25 years of technological experience spread out among the areas of automation, programming, quality assurance and Internet technology. Based on his real-world experience, WyzGuy brings a wealth of expertise in technology and automation that is necessary to successfully create and manage marketing, sales and operations systems for thriving small businesses. As a case in point, WyzGuy successfully managed the marketing, sales and operations of a company called Dream University, a multi-million-dollar small business in the personal development sector owned by Marcia Wieder. As a consultant, Patrick Wyzorski created and managed the systems and processes that helped Dream University grow from a mid-six-figure yearly revenue company to one capable of putting on consecutive seven-figure events all while maintaining a relatively small staff.

Membership Sites & Content Creation2017-12-25T11:25:06-08:00

WyzGuy has developed and managed a number of membership site platforms with a user base in the tens of thousands. Most of the membership site development efforts have involved a platform that incorporates WordPress, Infusionsoft and a membership plug-in called iMember360 to facilitate automated marketing, ordering and product delivery campaigns. WyzGuy has also created several online courses having developed all of the coding and automated product delivery behind them as well as produced a lot of the video/audio content that went into them. This is in addition to dozens of video blogs produced for clients over the years. WyzGuy can be used as a full service video editing, graphic creation, copy editing consulting firm as part of an ongoing retainer agreement.

Marketing & Message Integrity2017-12-25T11:09:54-08:00

Technology and the ability to command it are important characteristics when considering a tech consultant. However, technology won’t win the hearts and minds of your customers—only good marketing will do that. More importantly, communications that are authentic and true to the “voice” of a client’s message and platform are required to really connect with customers in this modern Internet-driven world. Authentic messaging is a very important skill when communicating with a client’s audience, as people really want to be related to during the customer life cycle.

At WyzGuy, a heavy emphasis is placed on getting to know a client’s message and “voice” so that they can be effectively mimic’d when communicating with customers and prospects, simply because clients can’t be everywhere at all times. But WyzGuy can be there, and we’re very good at what we do. In fact, we’ve been known to somewhat scare clients with just how good we are.

WyzGuy Consulting Client Testimonials

Praise & Testimonial from Enthusiastic Clients of Patrick Wyzorski and WyzGuy Consulting -- Marcia Wieder Testimonial.
Marcia Wieder
Marcia Wieder, CEO/Founder of Dream University

WyzGuy Consulting has been my primary marketing and technology consultant for over eight years. Over those years, Patrick Wyzorski has managed over 40 live event campaigns resulting in over $12M in gross revenue for my company. This has been a time of(...)

Ridgely Goldsborough
Ridgely Goldsborough, CEO at A View From The Ridge, Inc

Patrick Wyzorski and WyzGuy Consulting is an Internet Marketer’s dream and I have nothing but high praise for him and his work. He has powered a number of successful marketing campaigns for one of my best clients. His ability and skill to just implement(...)

Praise & Testimonial from Enthusiastic Clients of Patrick Wyzorski and WyzGuy Consulting -- Lana Holmes Testimonial.
Lana Holmes
Lana Holmes, Management Consulting at LanaHolmes.com

It was and continues to be a genuine pleasure working with Patrick. Our work together involved a complete revamp and re-branding of my website and brand identity.

His depth of experience, knowledge and project management skills consistantly facilitate(...)

Praise & Testimonial from Enthusiastic Clients of Patrick Wyzorski and WyzGuy Consulting -- Hubert Lee Testimonial.
Hubert Lee
Chief Technology Officer, Lightspeed Marketing Unlimited

Patrick Wyzorski and WyzGuy Consulting is a marketer's dream. He has powered more marketing campaigns for me than I can remember. When I need to trust that my backend technology can handle all the traffic I can throw at it, I rely on the services of Patrick(...)

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WyzGuy Consulting Leadership has enabled and guided it’s small business clients to move from 6-figure yearly revenue to multiple 7-figures in yearly revenue within 18-months.



Integrity means doing what we say we’re going to do, and we’re conscientious, honest and principled. If we’re filling a 600 person event or dealing one-on-one with a client, we do so with integrity.



Always be innovating is the motto at WyzGuy Consulting. Technology is constantly changing and improving, your technology platform and marketing needs to remain in sync with current best practices.



At WyzGuy we love what we get to do for a living. This passion motivates our efforts and our product. So much so it’s hard to call what we do work, and we love to work hard as well.