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Marcia Wieder Wealthy Visionary Conference (2014)

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The Wealthy Visionary Conference (2014) was a multi-million dollar gross sales live-event project for our client Marcia Wieder and her company Dream University®. This event was her first multi-million dollar event-based Business & Marketing Strategy and Marketing and Sales Campaign project, and WyzGuy Consulting was completely responsible for management and fulfillment.

Live event attendance was around 500 and the show-up rate was over 90% versus tickets sold and confirmed. There were an additional 1800 virtual attendees on  Livestream. The event space was filled to capacity and WyzGuy hit all of the clients attendance goals for both the live and Livestream event as well as the VIP up-sell. WyzGuy’s guidance and support enabled the client to exceed ALL of their financial goals for the event.

Summary of goals and accomplishments:

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