With a Soul-Based Brand Identity™


  • You are a Consciousness Practitioner who leads workshops, teaches classes, offers coaching, therapy or other kinds of personal development work.
  • You have a deep and sincere desire to be the fullest expression of your souls-purpose. From inside that expression, to then serve your ideal clients in helping them transform into the fullest expression of themselves.
  • You have a sense that you’re on the “right track” in your practice and what you’re offering, but for some reason, you lack the clarity or self-confidence to put yourself out there.
  • Or, you may also want to offer more, but you don’t want to be overwhelmed by all that you’d have to manage if you up your game.
  • Your branding or messaging may be muddled and unclear.
  • Your internet marketing efforts are not attracting enough of the right clients to your practice.
  • You have to keep reducing your fees because the less-than-ideal clients you’re attracting don’t get you and don’t appreciate the real value of your services.
  • You take potential-client rejection or social media criticism way too personally
  • You are entirely turned off by traditional marketing tactics that are gimmicky, manipulative and so inauthentic to your being that it makes you want to throw up a little, in your mouth.


  • A collaborative partner who sees you in your greatness. In fact, you’ll be so inspired by what I see in you, that you’ll want to lean in for support to become the version of yourself that I see you as and you always knew was possible. Together, we’ll bring that version of you to the world.

  • A truth seeker with the capacity to see through and into you, beyond what it is you think you want, and into your deepest desires so you can be of highest service to the world.
  • A soul’s purpose hunter with near-mystical ability to track your every move, seen and unseen, to help you unlock and unleash your God/Goddess-given gifts onto the world.
  • A strong-willed and compassionate coach with the capacity to lovingly-deconstruct your self-perceived limitations and at the same time create and hold a supportive container from which you can reemerge.
  • A conscious marketer who can bridge the seen and unseen with eight years of experience running multi-million dollar life-changing campaigns with purpose and passion.
  • A detailed oriented operations manager who can construct your entire pipeline end-to-end and then manage it like a hawk ensuring your business doesn’t miss a single drop of opportunity.
  • A technology master with 20-years of experience with a variety of platforms and systems that you need to launch your soul’s purpose based business.

“Your Soul’s Purpose contains the content you are meant to be offering to the world.”
~Patrick Wyzorski

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The Soul-Based Brand Identity™ experience is coupled with a Purpose-Built Marketing Platform™. With this offering, I work with clients, primarily Consciousness Practitioners (coaches, teachers and healers), to (a) get clear about their Soul’s Purpose and their purpose-based mission, (b) create a brand identity based on their now clearly defined Soul’s Purpose and then (c) construct an entire marketing platform completely aligned with both (a) and (b).

Join me for a 30-minute consultation to discuss more details about how this process works. I’m so inspired by what I do that I’d love to inspire you as well. Even if we don’t end up working together, these initial conversations are still very rewarding, and I’m sure you’ll get something from them as I do.

If you’re still saying “yes,” then we should talk, because I’d love to speak with you. Every scenario I mentioned above is possible when you’re coming from a place of alignment with your Soul’s Purpose. Success, happiness and purpose are your birthrights, so claim them!

Clients will experience a clear pathway starting from getting clear about their Soul’s Purpose through developing an entire marketing platform—branding, website design & development, content creation, messaging, social media, and campaigning—all built upon the foundation of their Soul’s Purpose.

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, I feel your pain. Been there done that. I believe I have a solution, but only for those who are inclined to view the world as I do—people who believe, who need to have their practice and their marketing be a true expression of their Soul’s Purpose. Why not? If you’re an entrepreneur like me, you spend most of your life doing what you do. If a majority of your life is NOT aligned with your purpose, then what is it aligned with? Somebody else’s ideas?

This program is the culmination of 8 years of experience managing internet marketing and sales for a multi-million-dollar consciousness company called Dream University® owned by Marcia Wieder, and 8 years of my own soul-guided purpose work.