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Project Description

Infusionsoft Expert Campaign for Wealthy Visionary Conference of 2013

The Wealthy Visionary 2013 Conference was a million dollar event-campaign for our client Marcia Wieder and her company Dream University. It was the client’s very first million dollar event and WyzGuy Consulting fully supported Marcia Wieder during this important milestone in her company’s evolution.

In serving Dream University, WyzGuy comprehensively managed and delivered on the following:

  • Pre and post-event Infusionsoft expert marketing and sales campaigns.
  • Website development and Infusionsoft marketing integration requirements.
  • All automated online ordering and manual sales systems.
  • Affiliate and partner programs.
  • All order fulfillment.
  • Event Roster management.
  • Complex Affiliate Opt-in and VIP Up-Sell Systems.
  • Comprehensive reporting and business analytics.

This was a 5-day multi-speaker event that featured 15 different speakers in addition to Marcia Wieder who emcee’d the event. The immediate challenge that this event presented was a complex affiliate/partner program as individual speakers promoted to their lists during pre-event marketing and sales. The client’s business requirements asked for more detailed information from the individual affiliate/partner campaigns than the Infusionsoft referral system usually gives us. To solve this, we at WyzGuy created a customized extension to the Infusionsoft referral system to give the client the data she needed, while still making it seamless and easy for affiliates, speakers, partners and sponsors to interactive with. The usual affiliate commission tracking and ledger reporting occurred as well.

Marketing and sales strategies successfully employed by WyzGuy for this project included email marketing campaigns, teleseminars, Livestream webinars and an extensive social media campaign that were all used to promote regular ticket sales. WyzGuy also implemented an integrated on-click upsell system for a VIP event promotion that directly contributed to the VIP product being very profitable for the client. We also handled the sales and ordering systems and fulfillment for all “Back of the Room” and post-event product sales. Marketing automation and sales systems designed and developed by WyzGuy Consulting had a direct impact on this event becoming the clients very first million dollar project.

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Summary of skills and expertise used for this project: Automated Engagement Campaigns, Back of Room Sales Systems, Email Marketing, Event Roster Management, Landing Pages and Online Ordering Systems with Inline Up-sells, Automated Follow-Up Sequences, Custom Affiliate Opt-in and VIP Up-Sell Systems, Product Delivery Automation for a Hybrid Live and Virtual Livestream Event, Comprehensive Reporting and Business Analytics.