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Project Description

Infusionsoft Expert Campaign for Dream University & Become an Inspiring Speaker

The Become an Inspiring Speaker event was the first of many important financial milestones that WyzGuy Consulting facilitated for our client Marcia Wieder. This event was the client’s first multiple six-figure event where total gross revenues easily exceeded the half-million mark.

In serving Dream University on this project, WyzGuy comprehensively managed and delivered on the following:

  • Pre and post-event Infusionsoft expert marketing and sales campaigns.
  • Website development and Infusionsoft marketing integration requirements.
  • All automated online ordering and manual sales systems.
  • Implemented/managed the marketing, sales, and product delivery automation for a hybrid live and virtual Livestream event.
  • Event Roster management.
  • Comprehensive reporting and business analytics.

Become an Inspiring Speaker took place less than 18 months after WyzGuy Consulting initiated the client onto the Infusionsoft platform and began implementation of the Perfect Customer Lifecycle philosophy and practice. Before this important migration, client event attendance was in dozens and event revenue in the mid five-figures. The Become an Inspiring Speaker event herald the first of many large marque events where event attendance would be in the 100’s and event revenues in the multiple six-figures, million dollar, and eventually multi-million dollar range.

Marketing and sales strategies successfully employed by WyzGuy for this project included Infusionsoft expert campaigns, email marketing, automated customer engagement campaigns, Livestream events that were all used to promote ticket sales. WyzGuy also implemented the technology used to host and control access to the paid for Livestream event. We also handled the sales and ordering systems and fulfillment for all “Back of the Room” live and Livestream sales as well as post-event product sales. Automated marketing/sales systems, and Infusionsoft expert campaigns designed and developed by WyzGuy Consulting had a direct impact on this event becoming the clients first multiple six-figure project.

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Summary of skills and expertise used for this project: Automated Engagement Campaigns, Back of Room Sales Systems, Email Marketing, Event Roster Management, Landing Pages and Online Ordering Systems, Automated Follow-Up Sequences, Product Delivery Automation for a Hybrid Live and Virtual Livestream Event, Comprehensive Reporting and Business Analytics.