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Project Description

Infusionsoft Expert Campaign for Dream University & eWomenNetwork

This project is a great example of some of the more complex purchasing, affiliate and reporting systems that WyzGuy Consulting has expertly created for our clients. It is also a perfect example of an extremely well run Infusionsoft expert campaign exhibiting the philosophy and strategies of the Perfect Customer Lifecycle in action. These kinds of campaigns illustrate the quality of work that can be expected from Infusion Certified Consultant (ICC) firms like WyzGuy Consulting.

In serving Dream University, WyzGuy comprehensively managed and delivered on the following:

  • Pre and post-event Infusionsoft expert marketing and sales campaigns.
  • All online and offline ordering and sales systems.
  • Complex multi-tiered affiliate and partner systems
  • All order fulfillment and product delivery campaigns
  • Comprehensive affiliate reporting and business analytics

This project involved a partnership between Dream University and eWomenNetwork which included a 16-city tour visiting different regional chapters. The Infusionsoft affiliate/referral system was heavily leveraged as commissions were shared between the National parent organization (eWomenNetwork) and each of the chapters visited. The sales offers were often complex and differed from city to city. WyzGuy was consulted by the client before each stop on the tour to maximize optimizations in the sales and fulfillment process. Custom ordering systems and follow-up Infusionsoft expert campaigns were setup to track purchasing as well as supply the detailed reports required to accompany quarterly commission payments. Order and affiliate management went extremely well, customer satisfaction was high and the partner was very pleased with our results.

As an Infusionsoft expert and an ICC, WyzGuy’s campaign expertise in supporting Marcia Wieder enabled her to not only expand her “back of the room” sales offerings but also extend the tour. This support had a direct impact on a very successful project that resulted in hundreds of new buyers and a million dollars of revenue for the client. As an Infusionsoft expert campaigner and an ICC, these are the kinds of results WyzGuy Consulting strives to deliver to each and every one of our clients. Most of all, these are the results you should come to expect from your own Infusionsoft expert campaigns.

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Summary of skills and expertise used for this project: Automated Engagement Campaigns, Back of Room Sales Systems, Email Marketing, Landing Pages and Inline Up-sells, Online and Offline Ordering/Sales Systems and Automated Follow-Up Sequences, Custom, Complex Multi-tiered Affiliate and Partner Systems, Comprehensive Affiliate Reporting and Business Analytics.