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Project Description

Dream University’s Massive Growth

The partnership between Marcia Wieder’s Dream University and WyzGuy Consulting is our favorite success story for innovative marketing strategies and dramatically improved monetization. Combined with Infusionsoft’s Marketing and Sales automation engine WyzGuy created the Perfect Customer Life Cycle for both Dream University, and the customers of Dream University. The result was an immediate growth spike in sales volume and gross revenues which matured into a more sustainable period of profitability soon after and continues to this day.

When WyzGuy began working with Dream University it was a small business that put on personal development workshops, and it was made up of the Founder and Principal, Marcia Wieder, plus a full-time admin assistant. Marketing and sales infrastructure consisted of 1ShoppingCart, ConstantContact and Excel Spreadsheets to track customer payment plans and affiliate commissions. This situation resulted a tremendous amount of uncertainty and vagueness around revenues, affiliate payouts and event rosters.

I have the client’s permission to disclose the following.

Dream University was initially doing about 4 to 6 events a year and less than $1M in gross revenues. In the summer of 2010 WyzGuy stepped in and took over marketing and sales systems, email marketing, client event rosters, and automated Dream University on the Infusionsoft platform and implemented the Perfect Customer Life Cycle. By the end of 2011, in less than two years time, yearly gross revenues had more than doubled to well over $2M, and customer volume had easily quadrupled.

Per event revenues that were in the mid five figures started consistently hitting six figures. The September 2011 Inspiring Speaker put them well into the multiple six figures for a single event. In 2013, WyzGuy Consulting helped Dream University launch the Wealthy Visionary Conference and experienced it’s first million dollar event. In 2014, WyzGuy supported DreamU on it’s first multi-million dollar event with the Wealthy Visionary – Bridging Money and Meaning Conference.

Summary of goals and accomplishments:

  • Gross yearly revenue doubled inside of two years.
  • Customer volume quadrupled inside of two years.
  • Per event gross revenues grew from the mid five figures to the mid six figures.
  • Per event gross revenues grew again breaking the million and multi-million dollar mark.

One more thing… Dream University is still a small business with just one, I repeat just ONE, full-time employee. The Principle and Founder, Marcia Wieder, who doesn’t even work full-time all the time.

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Summary of skills and expertise used for this project: Automated Engagement Campaigns, Back of Room Sales Systems, Email Marketing, Improved Monetization, Infusionsoft, Innovative Marketing Strategies, Online Ordering and Automated Follow-Up Sequences, Perfect Customer Life Cycle.