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Check out what this ecstatic customer has to say about how WyzGuy Consulting transformed her company into a multi-million dollar business!!

Marcia Wieder

Patrick was previously employed as my Chief Technical Officer at Dream University® and although he is now running his own consulting firm, WyzGuy Consulting, he continues to manage all of my technology needs. I have tried a number of different technology teams and none of them compare with the service I receive from WyzGuy Consulting in terms of technological competency, expertise, thoroughness and honesty. I have employed them on a number of campaigns for both live and virtual programs, and even hybrid live/virtual events and they have always managed every technology challenge I’ve given them. My only reservation in recommending WyzGuy Consulting is that they might become too busy to give my account the attention and commitment I’ve come to enjoy over the years. However, I trust their loyalty and commitment to their customers and I know we will continue to work together for many years to come.

Ridgely Goldsborough

Patrick Wyzorski is an Internet Marketer’s dream. He has powered a number of successful marketing campaigns for one of my best clients. His ability and skill to just implement anything I dream up is beyond any words of gratitude I can offer. From backend internet technology, marketing analytics to advanced Infusionsoft expertise in designing, implementing and optimizing marketing and sales funnels he is a resource that I can trust to just get the job done and get it done well.

Hubert Lee

Patrick Wyzorski is a marketer’s dream. He has powered more marketing campaigns for me than I can remember. When I need to trust that my backend technology can handle all the traffic I can throw at it, I rely on the services of Patrick Wyzorski and WyzGuy Consulting. His expertise with Infusionsoft in designing, implementing and optimizing marketing funnels has powered many of my marketing projects. We’ve played big and have had HUGE results. Patrick has played in the major leagues with some big names and has the experience you need for success.

J. Amador, Partner at KZ Management Advisors

We hired Patrick Wyzorski and WyzGuy Consulting to help us out with some significant challenges related to our Marketing and Sales systems at Jim Healthy Publications. The nature and complexity of the challenge we faced did not seem to matter to Patrick as he exhibits a great “can-do” attitude that is backed by expertise across a wide variety of Internet Marketing technologies. His ability to implement detailed, innovative and elegant solutions in a timely and cost effective manner is outstanding and his integrity is of the highest caliber. My only regret is that we did not find and hire him sooner. I highly recommend Patrick for any project related to Internet Marketing technology, website development, Infusionsoft and integration of Marketing and Sales systems.

Matthew Vire, Director of Communications at Morter Institute for BioEnergetics

Patrick is a joy to work with. His expertise with Infusionsoft, Internet Marketing Best Practices and technology has been tremendous asset to my team and our business. When we want to make a change to our site, he is ready with ideas and enhancement options. When there is an critical issue, he’s on it quickly. We greatly appreciate Patrick’s professionalism, his sensitivity to budgeting needs, his excellent communication, his ability to explain technical details in a way that we understand without talking down to us, and his reliability when problems arise. With Patrick, we know that problems will be resolved (or avoided altogether), updates and changes will be timely and well-executed, and that he’ll keep us well in-the-loop along the way. Thank you, Patrick.

Morgana Rae, Creator of Financial Alchemy® Coaching

Patrick is amazing! I gave him a huge task–to transfer tens of thousands of client records, purchases, and products from my e-commerce business into Infusionsoft. He did it! Faster than you’d believe. He handles the most complicated, insane-making tasks with elegance and speed. And beyond that, he is super accessible, thorough, and always thinking two to ten steps ahead.

Suzanne Tipton Offner, Project Creation Specialist, Certified Online Business Manager

Patrick is FANTASTIC. He gives detailed, thorough project plans, and then carries them out, pretty much exactly like he planned. I wish ALL my consultants did that. He also looked at our specific situation and made useful, insightful recommendations that we never would have thought of. He helped us out immensely. Thanks Patrick.

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